Terms and Conditions for University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign students 


Withdrawal Charges and Dates of Withdrawal
The withdrawal fee immediately after commitment and up to 60 days before the beginning of a semester program is $1500.
Refunds after the commitment to a semester program:
A 50% refund will be made if students withdraw 30-60 days before the beginning of the semester program.
No refunds will be made if withdrawal is made within 30 days of the beginning of a semester program.
Upon arrival in Italy, no refund will be made for any reason whatsoever in case the student decides to withdraw from the program, or change the number of courses or cancel, change or vacate the assigned housing.


Withdrawal Charges and Dates of Withdrawal
$1,000 regardless of individual student’s program costs –  Time of commitment up to 60 days prior to program start date
50% of individual student program costs-  60-30 days prior to program start date
100% of individual student program costs – 30 days prior to program start date

Terms and Conditions for Open Enrollment Programs

Program enrollment and Program Fee Payment for Students

The Terms and Conditions as outlined below pertain to the Gustolab International’s open enrollment programs and supersede any other published policies pertaining to these terms.

 1.0 Definitions

1.1 Student: A person intending to enroll or attending a GLi Program
1.2 Program: Gustolab International open enrollment spring, summer, internship and fall programs

1.3 Duration: The duration of a Program, the dates of which shall be notified to the Student by GLi
1.4 Program Fee: The tuition, accommodation, credit transfer and all other expenses relating to a Program, payable by the Student to GLi
1.5 GLi: Gustolab International, 12231 Academy Rd. NE #301 PMB #245 Albuquerque, NM 87111
1.6 Online Payment Process: The process of enrolling and paying a Program Fee online through this website.
1.7 Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions for the enrollment and Program Fee payment for Students in the Program (this document).



2.0 Program enrollment

2.1 After making a payment to enroll in a program, the Student will receive an e-mail or letter from GLi acknowledging that GLi has received and accepted the Student’s payment.



3.0 Program Fee and Payment

3.1 The Program Fee is a combination of the a) the Student’s course selections, b) any special housing requests if requested by and applicable to the Student, c) Credit transfer fees if requested by the Student, d)Other Fees

3.2 If the Student wishes to accept these Terms and Conditions, the Student (or a third party paying Program Fee on the Student’s behalf) may pay the Program Fee now, through the Online Payment Process within this website, by following the payment link. If the Student chooses not to pay within this website, the payment may be done using alternative payment methods, which are available here in downloadable format. Through applying for a Program, applicants are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions.

3.3 It is the Student’s responsibility to pay all fees and expenses related to the Program Fee by the deadline. GLi reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any Student who has not paid the Program Fee in full before the start of a Program.

3.4 Any information displayed during the Online Payment Process in respect of the amount of Program Fee due from the Student is the definitive Program Fee at the time of enrollment unless the student makes a request for additional courses, special accommodation or credit transfer transcript.

3.5 All payments must be made in dollars. Any currency conversion costs or other charges incurred in making the payment or in processing a refund shall be borne by the Student or the third party making payment, and shall not be deductible from the Program Fee due to GLi.

3.6 Upon acceptance of the Student’s application by GLi and before the deadline, the Student or the third party making payment should submit a non-refundable deposit of U.S. $400 that will count towards the full Program Fee.

3.7 Once the non-refundable deposit has been made by the Student, GLi will send a final Program Fee bill to the Student that factors a) the course selections and number of credits chosen by the Student in their application, b) extra accommodation related requests made by the Student, and agreed between the Student and the GLi by writing (e-mail), c) any scholarships awarded by GLi to the Student. It is the Student’s responsibility to make the correct payment equal to the Final Program Fee bill sent by GLi. GLi will then review if the final Program Fee payment equals the Final Program Fee bill sent and then send the Student confirmation of their enrollment in the Program.


4.0 Withdrawals, Changes, Cancellations and refunds

4.1 Withdrawals or Changes by the Student

4.1.1 The Student has the right to withdraw from a Program at any time. A total refund (excluding the $400 nonrefundable deposit) will be made for Students withdrawing 60 days before the beginning of a program. A 50% refund (excluding the $400 nonrefundable deposit) will be made for Students withdrawing 30-60 days before the beginning of a program. No refunds will be made if withdrawal is made within 30 days of the beginning of a program.

4.1.2 If the Student chooses to join a Program by making a full payment of the Program Fee, 30 days before the start of the Program, the Student will waive refund rights in respect of the payment.

4.1.3 Once the Program has started, while it is taking place, or once it has been completed, the Student does not have a right to a refund.

4.1.4 Decision to withdraw from the Program should be done by email to GLi to Sonia.massari@gustolab.com

4.1.5 The Student can change his or her choice of courses or the number of credits that they would like to take only if there are seats available and if approved by the director of the Program. If full Program payment has already been made and acknowledged by GLi, the Student can only change the course selections but not the quantity of credits in which they are enrolled in, before the first day of the program. All requests must be made by email to GLi to Sonia.massari@gustolab.com

4.1.6 Accommodations are based on shared rooms in shared apartments. Shared bedrooms imply from 2 to 3 occupants. Students preferring single rooms should contact GLi to inquire about availability and prices. If there is availability and the Student chooses to accept the price provided by GLi by written agreement, the Program Fee will include the extra fee of the single room requested. No single room will be provided unless the Program Fee bill paid includes this extra fee.

4.1.7 Students wishing to decline the housing accommodation provided in the Program may do so by making a written request by email to GLi before the Full Program Fee has been paid. Once the Student has received a confirmation of the request as well as the Final Program Fee bill from GLi by writing (email), it is the Student responsibility to make the correct payment that reflect the Final Program Fee bill.

4.1.8 No refund will be made for any reason whatsoever in case the Student decides to cancel, change or vacate the assigned accommodation once in Italy.

4.1.9 GLi reserves the right to expel from the assigned accommodation any Student whose behavior does not conform with civilized standards of behavior without any refund.

4.2 Cancellation by GLi

4.2.1 GLi will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the Program as outlined on the website and in any brochure. However, GLi reserves the right to:

  • make reasonable adjustment to the timetable, location or presenters specified for the Program; and
  • make reasonable amendments to the content and syllabus of courses within the Program when necessary.


5.0. Record of study

5.1 Students will receive a Record of Study from GLi approximately two weeks after the end of the program. Students who wish to receive a transcript for the Summer Critical Studies on Food in Italy program from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (the School of Record for the Summer Critical Studies on Food in Italy program), and have already paid the credit transfer fee as detailed in the program documents will receive the transcript directly from the University of Massachusetts Amherst after the end of the program. GLi reserves the right to withhold the record of study in the case of unpaid balances due or any type of outstanding debts.

5.2 Students planning to use credits earned on the Summer Critical Studies on Food in Italy program to graduate from their home institution should consult with the appropriate staff at the home institution BEFORE attendance. Before applying to a Program, Students should consult with their home institution about credit transfer procedure and requirements. No Program Fee refunds will be made for any reason regarding the Credit Transfer procedures at the Student’s home institution.

6.0. Security

6.1 All payment details that are entered through this payment gateway are encrypted when the Student, or third party making payment, enters them. The site is secure and uses 128-bit encryption to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.

6.2 GLi shall not be liable for any failure by the Student or third party making payment of Program Fees to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such other persons, during the Online Payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the Program of the Online Payment Process.



7.0 Visual and/or audio recordings

7.1 GLi may take visual and/or audio recordings of Students during the Program and reserve the right to use these for promotional, management or educative purposes (in Italy or overseas). Students will be asked for their individual consent at the start of the Program.



8.0 Conduct/Acceptable behaviour

8.1 The Student attending the Program represents their home institution and will behave as an ambassador for this institution. Therefore, all policies governing behavior as printed in their home institution’s Student Code of Conduct apply to them during their participation in the Program, in addition to the Student Code of Conduct for the Program. Information regarding any behavior found disruptive or offensive to the Program will be released to the Student’s home institution’s study abroad office. The Program will take steps to ensure that no offensive, disruptive or potentially dangerous conduct occurs. Accordingly, the Program reserves the right to dismiss a student from the program on the basis of any observed conduct or behavior which causes concern for the safety and well-being of Students or others. The Program shall have the authority to make the final decision on a Student’s dismissal from the program. Misconduct includes actions that violate school regulations or Italian law, or in the judgment of the school and/or Program officials, jeopardize the welfare of that Student, other individuals or the program. It is understood that no refund of the Program Fee will be given if a Student is dismissed from the Program. Such actions include, but are not limited to, the following: Excessive unauthorized absence from class and/or other organized program activities – Failure to participate in academic activities including class preparation, discussions, assignments – The use of threats or physical violence – Violation of Italian laws – Violation of the school or housing regulations – Damage to or destruction of school, residence, or Student property – Alcohol or substance abuse – Reckless or dangerous behavior.



9.0 Variations to the Terms and Conditions

9.1 GLi reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the current version will be that published on this website.




10.0 Other regulations

10.1 All regulations that may not be stated in these Terms and Conditions may have been stated in the Student’s application.



Latest update: April 28, 2016